Adelaide Arthroplasty Clinic

Hip and knee orthopaedic surgeons

An experienced and collaborative orthopaedic practice focused on the progressive treatment of complex orthopaedic conditions of the hip and knee.

A collaborative, team approach like no other

Welcome to Adelaide Arthroplasty Clinic, an orthopaedic clinic solely focused on pursuing the best possible treatment of hip and knee conditions. Home to Professor Lucian Bogdan Solomon, Dr Ahmed Bajhau and Dr Kush Shrestha, we are a clinic established upon the values that have sustained their friendship. 

Bogdan, Ahmed and Kush first met during surgical training. For many years, they have consulted one another and operated on complex, orthopaedic cases involving hip and knee conditions. Their desire to collaborate and drive to improve patient outcomes is the foundation that underpins Adelaide Arthroplasty Clinic.  

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Extending a warm welcome

Adelaide Arthroplasty Clinic provides you with a team approach to hip and knee orthopaedic care. Our team extends outside our practice, to the referring doctor, our patients and their rehabilitation and physical therapy providers.

We extend a warm welcome to you all and invite you to book an appointment, refer a patient or enquire about our services.

Adelaide Arthroplasty Clinic services

Our surgeons are experienced and passionate about treating all conditions of the hip and knee. They are leading clinicians in complex hip and knee revisions and reconstructions, and exploring treatments based on the patient situation and response to treatment.  

The team at Adelaide Arthroplasty Clinic looks forward to welcoming you.

Contact us to make an appointment or, if you have questions or concerns about an upcoming appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Adelaide Arthroplasty Clinic

215 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone: 08 8364 6633
Fax: 08 7078 2255

Our surgeons
Prof Lucian Bogdan Solomon
Dr Ahmed Bajhau
Dr Kush Shrestha

Opening hours:
9am – 5pm weekdays

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